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Sweetwater Dermatology, located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, stands as a beacon of comprehensive skincare under the expert guidance of Dr. Sunaina Bhuchar Likhari. As a Board Certified Dermatologist and a Sugar Land native, Dr. Likhari brings a wealth of experience from the nation’s top institutions back to her hometown. Offering a wide range of services in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, Sweetwater Dermatology prides itself on delivering up-to-date, evidence-based care. Their commitment to thorough patient education and counseling is delivered within a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

Sweetwater Dermatology

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The Challenge

Despite offering top-notch dermatological care, Sweetwater Dermatology faced challenges in reaching and educating the local community about their services. The digital space, being highly competitive, required a robust strategy to enhance their online visibility and effectively convey their unique value proposition. Prior to our engagement, their website traffic was minimal, with low engagement rates, and their online presence was not capturing the full scope of potential patients searching for dermatological services in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas.

  • Limited Online Visibility

    Despite offering a broad range of high-quality dermatological services, Sweetwater Dermatology's online presence was not effectively capturing the attention of potential patients in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas, leading to missed opportunities for patient engagement and acquisition.

  • Low Website Traffic and Engagement

    The clinic's website experienced low traffic, with minimal engagement from visitors. This indicated that the website was not ranking well in search engine results for relevant dermatology-related keywords, making it challenging for potential patients to discover Sweetwater Dermatology’s services online.

  • Ineffective Digital Marketing Strategy

    Prior to implementing a focused digital marketing plan, Sweetwater Dermatology lacked a cohesive strategy for SEO and Google Ads. This absence of a targeted approach resulted in inefficient use of marketing resources and a lower return on investment, hindering the clinic's ability to attract new patients through digital channels.

The Solution

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Keyword Optimization:

    Conducted thorough research to identify high-volume, relevant keywords related to dermatology services and incorporated them into the website content to improve organic search visibility.

  • Content Strategy:

    Developed informative, engaging content that addressed common dermatological concerns, treatment options, and Dr. Likhari’s expertise to attract and retain website visitors.

  • Local SEO

    Optimized Sweetwater Dermatology’s Google My Business listing and created local citations to increase visibility in local search results, making it easier for Sugar Land and surrounding area residents to find the clinic.

  • Backlink Strategy

    Built high-quality backlinks from reputable sites in the healthcare industry to increase the site’s authority and search engine rankings.

Google Ads

  • Targeted Campaigns:

    Developed targeted ad campaigns focusing on specific services offered by Sweetwater Dermatology, such as acne treatment, skin cancer screenings, and cosmetic procedures.

  • Ad Copy Optimization:

    Crafted compelling ad copy that highlighted the unique value proposition of Sweetwater Dermatology and Dr. Likhari’s expertise to encourage clicks.

  • Landing Page Optimization

    Created and optimized landing pages for each ad campaign to provide a seamless user experience and encourage appointment bookings.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Continuously monitored ad performance to adjust bids, refine targeting, and optimize ad copy based on data-driven insights, maximizing ROI.

The Results

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Website Traffic increased by 250%, with significant growth in organic search traffic due to SEO improvements and targeted Google Ads.

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Saw a substantial increase in patient inquiries by 150%, demonstrating that more website visitors were taking actionable steps, such as booking appointments.

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Achieved a 400% return on investment, indicating cost-effective patient acquisition through the ad campaigns.


The strategic application of SEO and Google Ads transformed Sweetwater Dermatology's online presence, substantially increasing their visibility, patient engagement, and, most importantly, patient acquisition. Dr. Sunaina Bhuchar Likhari and the Sweetwater Dermatology team have not only expanded their patient base but have also established themselves as the go-to dermatology practice in Sugar Land, Texas. This case study exemplifies the power of targeted digital marketing strategies in the healthcare sector, demonstrating how a well-executed plan can lead to measurable growth and success.

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